The Ship Museum Santo André, in Ílhavo

The Ship Museum Santo André is a Ílhavo Maritime Museum. He was part of the Portuguese fleet of cod and is intended to illustrate the drag arts. This side trawler (or “classic”) was born in 1948 in the Netherlands by order of Aveiro Fishing Company. It was a modern ship, with 71.40 meters long and basement for twenty thousand fish yards (1,200 tons).

In the eighties came restrictions on fishing in open waters which resulted in the reduction of the fleet and the slaughter of much of it. The Santo André has not escaped the trend. The August 21, 1997 was dismantled. The owner of the vessel, António do Lago Cerqueira, Lda (Fisheries Tavares Mascarenhas, SA) and the Municipality of Aveiro decided to turn the old St. Andrew in museum ship. In August 2001, St. Andrew started a new cycle of life: show gifts and come as were the cod fisheries drag and honor the memory of all his
crew during half a century of activity.

The Ship Museum is anchored in Oudinot Garden in the city of Gafanha of Nazareth, the city of Aveiro.

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