Palheiros of Costa Nova, Haystacks in Costa Nova

The haystacks Costa Nova are famous and candlesticks existing striped beach houses with the same name, originally in shades of red ocher and black, used as old warehouses of fishing implements.

Until the beginning of the Costa Nova nineteenth century was an extensive uninhabited beach but after the fixation of the Port of Aveiro Barra, fishermen of fishing campaigns of Ílhavo moved to the Costa Nova and began building “haystacks” to keep the networks and other materials associated with fishing.

These were initially large, with no interior partitions and later divided with wooden partitions that were ‘decorated’ with oyster shells. At the same time, the families of its members, clerks and “skipper” of other companies were drawn to the area in the summer months and fall, transforming them in the current “haystacks” with colored stripes and the “bourgeois fashion go baths “the second half of this century, so that they could serve as housing in the bathing season.

Avenida José Estêvão

Costa Nova

3830 Ílhavo

GPS: 40º36’52.632’’ | -8º44’59.222’’

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