Drave Village, The Scout Village

Drave Village is an uninhabited village in the pit between the Serra da Freitas, Mountain Rangerra de São Macario and the Arada mountain, integrated in the Geopark of Arouca and located in Union Parish of Covelo Paivó and Janarde, Arouca Municipality, District of Aveiro, Diocese of Viseu.

It is a typical village where the houses are made of stone, called lousinha stone, with its slate roof. The streets are irregular.

The village is very isolated and without traces of modernity: it is not accessible by car, and the nearest village, Regoufe, is 4 kilometers. Do not have electricity, running water, sanitation, gas, mail, telephone and the mobile phone network is scarce. There are no shops, so the money is useless, or watches in the village.

Managed by scouts, The village that the Scouts are saving

Scouts came almost exactly twenty years ago, in 1993. First came a group of walkers of Porto, led by Father José Nuno (the same walking now in the world mouths for accusing D. Carlos Azevedo of sexual harassment). Paulo Nascimento, the current coordinator of the work, was one of them. Had the idea of turning a village in free fall in a Scout center. Thought of a fundraising campaign. An engineer who had been walker, Daniel Quintã, bought the properties and land and offered them to the association. One third of the Drave.

There are about twenty houses in Drave, but only eight belong to the National tapping Body. The land that rise to the mountains are almost all Scouts.

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