Salt Warehouses and Haystacks of Channel of São Roque

The sea and the Ria de Aveiro give the city a set of specific characteristics that make it unique in the national urban system. One of the specific concerns the secular exploitation of salt that led to the settlement Aveiro. Which mirrored windows, permanently keep the salt in my imagination.


The salt produced is stored in conical heaps. To avoid exposure to rain with consequent dissolution of the salt, the mountains were initially covered with sedge or bajunça (abundant grass in the region) and land. The plastic was revolutionized coverage. The way yet more effective to store the salt is within the haystacks, wooden buildings.


The exposed barns are located in the pier Cais of S. Roque, long the salt trade center in Aveiro. Rectangular and gable plant on the street, the haystacks of S. Roque Pier have gabled roofs. The planking, painted vermilion, finds himself willing horizontally.

Coming of salt in kid lost hours enjoying the bustle of salt-boats to dock and effective. Like ants on a path, boats and towards the haystacks, salt was transported in baskets.

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