São Jacinto Dunes Natural Reserve, in Ria de Aveiro – Lagoon

Be sure to visit the area of ​​the Ria de Aveiro, which it has Nature Reserve! It is one of the most important wetlands of this country deserve a visit. You can do this in any motor vehicle, but also by bike, taking advantage of the flatness of the region.

In the end of the sandy barrier extending between Ovar and the village of San Jacinto, limited to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and the east by the Ria de Aveiro channels, the Nature Reserve almost fades before the greatness of the surrounding scenery. In it, a well maintained dunes, consolidated by spontaneous vegetation, bordering a forested area from 1888, in order to fix the sands.

Between 1981 and 1984, several ponds, currently attended by numerous water birds of the estuary were opened.

From the century. IX, and over many centuries, human populations have fought for their stay in these riparian lands, facing a harsh nature, knowing the success and failure, but always adapting to new situations.

The end of the century. XIX, with maritime pine plantation, this dunes of recent formation, populations imposed decisively its rhythm, ending stagnant water and speeding up the process, always slow, natural stabilization of sand.

Discover the “niche” green of a coniferous forest threatened by acacia trees, exotic species from Australia and invasive behavior, the nuclei of hardwoods in the lower areas and even their own species of wetlands next to artificially open ponds. In beach areas, the pioneer species, will naturally colonizing and fixing the sand, forming dunes.

Are about two and a half hours in close contact with nature, the average time to fly the route an area that has become a place of refuge for waterfowl and lagoon other waterfowl. Properly marked, are publicly available variants to the route with different distances wishing to respond to any option.

The Natural Reserve of S. Jacinto Dunes covers an area of 960ha, of which 210ha match maritime area. Is located in the tip of the peninsula extending between Ovar and the village of S. Jacinto. It is bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and the east by the Ria de Aveiro’s arms.

The artificial opening of the bar channel, in the early nineteenth century, was authorized again the salt sea water to mix the sweet river water. It is the origin of the Ria de Aveiro. A multitude of dunes out of sight!

And a must see for all lovers of fauna and flora. Be sure to visit the Interpretive Center and braving the Rail Nature Discovery.
When to go?
You can visit the Nature Reserve every day except Sundays and holidays. For security reasons, the hunting season the duck house access tracks are also forbidden on Thursdays.

In a region characterized by a mild climate, this protected area can be visited throughout the year, however the routes may be temporarily closed with adverse weather conditions.

For your safety, their presence within the Reserve must be authorized by the services of this protected area, so you must always pass through the reception. If closed call 960 335 438. You can also send a message in advance for the Nature Reserve or Angelina Barbosa | email: angelina.barbosa@icnf.pt. Entry may be made of 9:30 to 12pm and from 13h to 15h.

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